About Wylie

While it seems like there are more guitar teachers to choose from than ever, there are few that can give you the quality of lesson that I offer.  Since 2004 I have taught hundreds of students, making it difficult to find a problem I haven’t already solved.  Unlike most teachers, I won’t teach you anything without showing you how and why it is used in real life musical situations.  If I show you how to play an E chord, then you better believe I’m going to show you a popular song that uses an E chord.  I always tailor my lessons to each individual student.  Everyone needs to be proficient with the basics but studying the type of music the student ultimately wants to play is always the focus.  The student who wants to play jazz needs different skills than the student who wants to play metal and a lesson with a singer/songwriter is going to look a lot different than a lesson with a student who is looking for new ideas for playing lead in his rock band.

While I am well-versed in all popular guitar styles teaching the art of improvisation is my specialty.  Studying improvisation is often a daunting endeavor that can seem endlessly frustrating.  While learning to express oneself in the moment is a very personal journey I have answers to a lot of the questions that I wrestled with when I was first learning the ropes.  My students are often surprised at how much ability they actually have when they are guided to approach their playing from the right angle.  Just as I don’t show my beginning students an E chord without showing them how to use it, I never show a student that is studying improvisation a scale shape or phrase without explaining how and why it is useful.  Real world application is at the heart of everything that I teach, as it should be.  Have you ever heard your favorite guitarist play something that sounds like a finger exercise during a solo?  Neither have I.

I am currently accepting students for private guitar lessons at my studio in Elkridge, MD.  Lessons are $50 an hour; contact me to discuss availability and details.  In some cases, I may be able to travel to you for an additional fee.  To hear me in action, check out the link my to band’s website, where you will find recordings and a calendar of gig dates.

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