About Wylie

I have always been fascinated by the way artistic media tend to overlap and become a source of inspiration for one another.   While no artist is an island, a film composer’s role is to capture moods that are supplied by very specific characters, settings, and stories.  The interesting thing about film scores is that they can merge with their source material to the point where they become indistinguishable from it.  Some of the best scores become such an essential part of the film itself the audience never even notices them.  While I love making music in any form, I have the greatest passion for music that has the privilege of becoming part of a greater whole.  For me, the appeal of writing music for another medium is that each project calls for something distinct from the next.  Each has its own score that exists just beneath its surface, yearning to be written, whether it’s an immense full-length film or simple 5-second graphic. 

As every project needs something different, I approach each one with a fresh slate.  My eclectic musical background equips me with a wide variety of skills to work with as I compose.  The musical tools at my disposal include a degree in music from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a decade of playing and arranging music in a wide variety of genres and groups, and a passion for an incredibly wide range of music, including everything from classical to rock to jazz to electronic. My studio includes an expansive library of the latest virtual instruments and I enjoy digging through them and experimenting to create unique and engaging sounds.  I love to blur the lines between musical genres to create something that’s fresh and perfectly fitting for the project at hand.  If you get in touch with me I can help you realize the music you’re envisioning for your project, whether it’s a film, tv show, video game, web series, podcast, commercial, web graphic, audio book, highlight reel, or website.
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The Sly 45 Trio



As a busy filmmaker, I'm always looking for a good, original score. Wylie's work with film scores is done with great production value and he is easy to work with and can create high quality work within a short time span.

– Keith Blomberg, Los Angeles, CA


Wylie is gifted with great talent but he is also remarkable for his self-discipline and work ethic. It’s always fun and a pleasure to work with him.

– Vivek Mohan, San Francisco, CA


If there's one thing that's made my films better than they actually are, it's Wylie's music. He manages to write unique scores that sound great and enhance the images in the frame.

– Dan Supanick, Baltimore, MD